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Little Sprouts Program

Gardening and nutrition grow side by side in this teaching garden built by teens in the Green Team program.

In July of 2011, Groundwork Buffalo worked with the African American Cultural Center to introduce their twenty five 5-8 year olds to a variety of outdoor learning opportunities. The Green Team installed two raised beds for growing vegetables; they also planted low maintenance butterfly bush, zebra grass and even some blueberry bushes for munching!

Along with planting butterfly bushes, blueberry bushes and other plants for the Little Sprouts, the Green Team built and installed two raised beds for growing vegetables.

Check out more photos of the Green Team and their work for this effort on our Flickr page Flickr

Each Monday and Friday, the Green Team Leaders worked with the younger kids to increase their activity levels with yoga, exercise, dance and games. Zac Fulton taught everyone how to do the Moon Dance and the Sun Dance. Americorps member, Michele Schmidt featured a different insect every session; the Sprouts learned the unique characteristics of spiders, ants, worms, grasshoppers, butterflies and other bugs which are common in gardens. Meanwhile, Americorps Member, Emma Prins, introduced the kids to growing and eating fresh vegetables so that they can understand how necessary vitamins are to help their bodies grow! Many of the kids tasted blueberries, green beans and hot peppers for the first time!

At the end of the summer, Little Sprouts hosted a Garden Party to celebrate all the hard work and fun we had together. Many parents attended and the Sprouts toured them around the garden highlighting how they helped. The Sprouts decorated the garden with streamers and balloons. Another team helped prepare healthy snacks like peanut butter toast with banana slices and veggies to dip like green beans, cucumber slices, carrots, and cherry tomatoes. The bees and kids enjoyed the blueberry lemonade.

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