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HotLegsandFeet Discount

Biggest Deal of the Year 33-62% off


One Month for $19.99 and One Year for $12.99 monthly

There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and there are countless unique things that turn them on. Some Men like blonde girls, some women like virgin men, some men like brunettes, some girls like skinny guys, some men like Redheads so some women like muscular guys. Sexual attraction can vary from person to person. What makes you sexually attractive to someone, can be totally a nothing for another person. But all the people have their own different fantasies and fetishes as well. Some girls like rough sex and bondage even though it hurts them, some men like big butts and some like big breasts. Similarly, feet and ankles also have a huge fan following when it comes to fetishes.

  • HotLegsandFeet Review

The producers at HotLegsandFeet realize the fact that there are scores of people who are turned on by the sight of feet and ankles. They not only realize that, but also exploit that fact, and most of their contents, weather video or still images, revolve around obsession with feet and ankles. As of yet, they have more than 2384 videos in which the model is performing various sexual acts such as Solo show, stripping naked while massaging and showing off their feet. Apart from that, you can also see lesbian action as well, you can also see the on screen couple licking each other’s feet. This does not mean that they have forgotten the conventional boy on girl scenes, tons of videos are there that focus on the same genre of porn.

The videos at HotLegsandFeet are recorded and uploaded at state of the art quality. All the videos at the site are fully High definition 1080p, that are in MP4 format. The dimensions of these movies are (1920 x 1080). The members of the site have the option of selecting different formats for playback, that is, 720p, 540p and 360p resolutions are also available for the satisfaction of the user. All of these videos can be viewed online via the embedded flash player in the website or they can also be downloaded in varying formats and quality levels so that they can be viewed at a later time. Every video scene at HOT LEGS AND FEET also contain with it, an image gallery. These images can be downloaded via a zip file that is a convenience for the user. The dimensions of these images are 1335 x 2000.

The rate of update at the website is also pretty dainty. They update the site and add more content to it in the form of videos and pictures every other day. Apart from the membership to the base site, that is, HotLegsandFeet discount, they also offer 50% off on sister sites like DDF Busty and Only Blowjobs. Together, all these sites make a network called, DDF Network.

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DDF Network

DDF Network Discount

Biggest Deal of the Year 67-85% off


One Month for $14.99 and One Year for $8.50 monthly

As you take control of the membership pass that comes with joining DDF Network, you get this with wondrous pornstar action that will lay you on your knees! These are the numbers that they have, over 13800+ movies, 2200+ pornstars, 1.5 million pictures, so how do you think you will start digesting all this action? The best advice anyone can give you is to go through it all methodically. They give you all the different ways of munching through content effortlessly. And the production is still ongoing with multiple updates weekly.

  • DDF Network Review

Deep inside you will find they have various websites for you inside the network, 13 websites. Organization of this network is freakishly good, and it is compact in a way that makes them look smaller than they truly are. First, the websites that are inside can be considered a true representation of the famous niches of porn you know about. They travel down to the depths of fetish bdsm, go all the way up to glamorous porn, and check in on all the other levels like solo, lesbian, anal, sticking, bjs, double penetration, POV, teen, threesomes, etc. They also have live cam action, it is impossible for members to have problems with the variety of content.

Once there, you can discover the menu option to take you to pornstars, blog, categories, sites, updates, support, shop, cams, and so on. And if you feel like being social, they have the links to Google+, Facebook, Twitter, and so forth. So much as we can tell, the numbers are running upwards because the network contributes several updates weekly. The mobile version looks to be fun and easy to tour, with previews of top movies, recent action, and formats for films available. These guys are incredible because they work hard to bring HD 1080p resolution videos to your face.

You can find HD quality for streaming or downloading formats, collection also includes medium and low-resolution sizes for the older films. As you can expect this attention to detail is also paid to the picture galleries inside. Members have to choose between sizes that range from 800 to 2000 pixel resolution. The zip file for the pic gallery downloading is going to make your work so much easier.

One can say that this network is a diamond that has been polished and now is shinning and asking you to grab it! They have had time to experiment and get experience as to how to film, produce, and bring you the content in the smoothest way possible. There are few complaints to even consider inside this network; Denys Defrancesco who created this network has done as perfect of a job as possible! Anyone and everyone will tell you that joining the DDF Network discount is the best decision for you, so make it real and take your membership pass deal today!

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Sapphic Erotica

Sapphic Erotica Discount

Biggest Deal of the Year 33-67% off


One Month for $19.95 and One Year for $9.99 monthly

It is good to visit the website named Sapphic Erotica, if you like watching high-end lesbian porn. These guys call themselves the lesbian royalty when it comes to producing hardcore porn. They stick to the lesbian niche like white on rice! They are adamant about showing beautiful ladies licking and making each other orgasm through various methods. There is plenty of content to be found here. There is a very professional undertone to the making of the films and the hands-on-directing and casting will make you very happy. The teaser material they show you have ladies going in deep with their fingers, mouths, dildos, and sex toys.

  • Sapphic Erotica Review

It has never been strange to see two or more ladies satisfying each other with passionate lovemaking. The ladies understand how they want to be touched and touch others in the same way leading to mind shattering pleasure for everyone involved. This is what makes lesbian porn more erotic and perhaps a bit softer than other hardcore genres of porn. You will find that the website feels feminine when you look at the color scheme design. At the top of the page are the links to movies, photos, information, and support and members area. The minimal approach to the design gives you space to go through upcoming, latest, and current content inside.

With the large online player, members get to have big resolution videos that they can playback easily. And the website offers multiple setting for downloading, offering various formats including the important mobile friendly formats. So when you are on the mobile devices, you get to watch and surf easily just like those using their PC. With each steamy episode, you get description and info about the length of the videos. There are several indexed pages that contain preview of the videos and there are dates so you can select the most recent content and start watching.

Only having lesbian scenes may make you think that this site does not have variety but that would be false. You get twenty niches inside to keep the creative vibrancy of the films fresh for your eyes. As part of their collection when it comes to the models, you will benefit from having a broad category of bodies, ages, sexual cravings, breast, pussy, and so on. They manufacture scenes for those who like intense lesbian strap-on penetration, solo, softcore, seductive, and much more. Models inside number above 1200, movies above 1530, and 30,000+ jpegs for you.

It is usual to find professional website such as this one having all the needed tools/features for navigating purposes. It is easy to get around inside, they also have HD videos and high-resolution photos. Our Sapphic Erotica discount has the appeal of clean quality videos, filthy sexual lesbians, beauty, and top rated services all round. It is the place to go for 100% original hardcore lesbian content, impressive updates, so we recommend signing up today!

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WTF Pass

WTF Pass Discount

Biggest Deal of the Year 72-80% off


One Month for $9.95 and One Year for $7.50 monthly

When you plug into the website called WTF Pass, what do you expect? They are your friends and they like to make you curse with pleasure when they give you over 1310+ hours of porn to watch! This is a shinning network that gets you access to 11 pornsites. Another important statistical number you will be happy with is over 677 models and over 2130+ hot videos in their possession. Anyway, numbers are important, but it is also important you find out exactly what is going on inside this place.

  • WTF Pass Review

The movies inside the network are different in length, some long as one hour, or shorter like 30 minutes. As long as you like hardcore sex, different fetishes then inside this network you will find the most interesting of content. They have websites like – Hard Fuck Girls, Private Sex Tapes, Porn Weekends, Public Sex Adventures, College Fuck Parties, etc. They list the websites, and they tell you how many scenes are in each website. The updating is fresh because they keep on adding exciting material constantly throughout the week. According to the names of the websites, some of the niches you’ll get include coeds, hardcore, public, threesomes, orgies, gangbangs, massage, lesbian, anal, sex, double penetration, and so much more.

The models inside here are different when it comes to the type of bodies that they show on camera. There are small bodies, big tits, different types of beauty, blondes, brunettes, etc. The ladies here are mostly amateur new girls, European models, and they love fun. They love fooling around with the freaky guys, cocks, dildos, and getting sloppy! Once you get inside, you can start going through the latest passionate scenes that they have made. They also list the top 20 models on the right side; you can start accessing them when you want. The ladies have ratings, so do the movies, and the movies have got links to the niches, models, website.

The scenes also give you the date they were added. Under the technical details of the formats for the movies, you will get to have multiple files like mp4, wmv, flv, and for the picture gallery you can begin to save the images using the zip file that they give you. Inside the picture set, you will get hundreds of images some even having 500 jpegs. For the videos, start downloading the HD 1080p and 720p resolution videos and find incredible filming and quality.

Sign up to our WTF Pass discount today for 11 pornsites for one membership pass. It is a deal that is filled with all the good things, some little annoyances here and there, but definitely value for your money. Just come and relax inside this network, hang out, and have great copious amounts of hardcore porn at your fingertips!

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Plumper Pass

Plumper Pass Discount

Biggest Deal of the Year 25-40% off


One Month for $29.95 and Three Months for $24.98 monthly

Plumper Pass is a website that scores heavy marks when it comes to production of BBW porn. They have all the full figure models you like. These ladies have lots of flesh to offer, beauty, sensuality, and sexuality. You will find inside lingerie, hard sex, bjs, stripping, tit sucking, naked delight that will amaze you. They are now dedicated to producing HD 1080p movies. They have redesigned the website to be more user-friendly, interactive, and attractive. They give you lots of material, so they are heavy in this way also. There are more than 2090+ movies for you to consider, mostly giving you movies that are 20-30 minutes long.

  • Plumper Pass Review

The doors that open gives you access to the website that has lots of variety. The menu bar at the top gives you the new content, HD movies, BBW models, bonus action, member’s area. The direction of the filming can be erotica, the ladies moving and touching seductively. There are also hardcore movies that you can devour.

The ladies here all have curvy big tits and asses, bodies that they are proud of and use to the fullest. And the guys who get to have fun with the ladies appreciate them with long hard cocks, long fuck sessions, and creamy cumshots.

You begin the journey of pleasure by going through the different latest movies that they have made. You get information on model, date, and title. The updates show that they have variety of models, blondes, redheads, brunettes, tattooed freaky girls, and different ethnicity. They continue to feature the best models they have, the best rated, and you will find a mixture of pornstars and amateur ladies. The ladies seen here know a thing or two about posing seductively for the camera, which they do perfectly. You will be able to see the thick legs, succulent anal and vagina holes, makeup, costumes, and lots more pleasing presentation from the models.

The website goes ahead to make weekly additions and that has contributed to them having so much content on offer. They have multimedia formats you can download or stream. You will find that there are mobile formats for you to see the videos and content on your tablets and smartphones. All the production inside is not going to be high definition movies, they have medium resolution videos. What all the videos show is inspired filming, and creativity. The videos and the things the big beautiful ladies get down to doing will stimulate your emotions.

Like we said, the Plumper Pass discount contains the soft and hard productions featuring the sexiest BBW models in the business. You will find everything you need inside, all technical support, pics, and movies. They are experienced in this world of BBW porn, just get down there and sign up!

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