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There are more than 7 billion people on the planet, and there are countless unique things that turn them on. Some Men like blonde girls, some women like virgin men, some men like brunettes, some girls like skinny guys, some men like Redheads so some women like muscular guys. Sexual attraction can vary from person to person. What makes you sexually attractive to someone, can be totally a nothing for another person. But all the people have their own different fantasies and fetishes as well. Some girls like rough sex and bondage even though it hurts them, some men like big butts and some like big breasts. Similarly, feet and ankles also have a huge fan following when it comes to fetishes.

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The producers at HotLegsandFeet realize the fact that there are scores of people who are turned on by the sight of feet and ankles. They not only realize that, but also exploit that fact, and most of their contents, weather video or still images, revolve around obsession with feet and ankles. As of yet, they have more than 2384 videos in which the model is performing various sexual acts such as Solo show, stripping naked while massaging and showing off their feet. Apart from that, you can also see lesbian action as well, you can also see the on screen couple licking each other’s feet. This does not mean that they have forgotten the conventional boy on girl scenes, tons of videos are there that focus on the same genre of porn.

The videos at HotLegsandFeet are recorded and uploaded at state of the art quality. All the videos at the site are fully High definition 1080p, that are in MP4 format. The dimensions of these movies are (1920 x 1080). The members of the site have the option of selecting different formats for playback, that is, 720p, 540p and 360p resolutions are also available for the satisfaction of the user. All of these videos can be viewed online via the embedded flash player in the website or they can also be downloaded in varying formats and quality levels so that they can be viewed at a later time. Every video scene at HOT LEGS AND FEET also contain with it, an image gallery. These images can be downloaded via a zip file that is a convenience for the user. The dimensions of these images are 1335 x 2000.

The rate of update at the website is also pretty dainty. They update the site and add more content to it in the form of videos and pictures every other day. Apart from the membership to the base site, that is, HotLegsandFeet discount, they also offer 50% off on sister sites like DDF Busty and Only Blowjobs. Together, all these sites make a network called, DDF Network.

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